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Dave Grohl fans 'couldn't believe what they were seeing'

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image captionDave Grohl is shown on the TV screen after his fall

Foo Fighters fans "couldn't believe what they were seeing" when Dave Grohl came back to finish a gig after suffering a suspected broken leg.

The star fell off stage during a concert in Sweden on Friday night.

But that didn't stop him from returning later on - with his leg in a cast - to carry on the show in Gothenburg.

Newsbeat's spoken with three fans who were inside the Ullevi stadium when it happened.

'They couldn't believe what they were seeing'

"When Dave came back on stage, the crowd obviously went ballistic, everyone got on their feet and whooped and clapped and cheered.

"They couldn't believe what they were seeing," says Che Thomas, a British journalist based in Gothenburg.

He says only some fans saw Dave fall.

"The fans initially didn't know what happened. When Taylor stopped drumming there were murmurs amongst the crowd until Dave spoke.

"People were a mixture of cheering and concerned when he told them what happened. There were a few jeers, but it felt like being gutted with Dave at the news more than anything else, it was very minimal.

"I was sure the gig would be cancelled, so lots of us were a mixture of thinking, 'Whoa, that was a short show' and concern for Dave, of course.

"The band, minus Dave, played on, with Taylor saying he was doing it because Dave asked them to.

"There were definitely people leaving, especially from the standing area, once news of the injury broke. But most people (including me) were enjoying it and supporting the rest of the band."

On Dave's return: "It absolutely underlined how committed he is to music, to the fans, and to putting on a show. Dave's notorious for being a good and genuine guy, and he demonstrated that he's also an absolute trooper too. He was already an all-time great, but this was something special."

'He's such a trooper'

Johan Eriksson travelled from Stockholm to see the show.

"One and a half songs into it, during Monkey Wrench, Dave just suddenly fell off.

"We were at the front of the audience. It was just crazy. The band kept on playing for a while. And then Dave appeared on the TV screen and said, 'I think I just broke my f***ing leg.'

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image captionJohan Eriksson (right) and his friend Robert Lillerud at the gig

"Everything was just a bit quiet then. Me and my friends really thought that was it. Then Taylor Hawkins did an amazing job, did a couple of cover songs, he's such a great drummer.

"And then Dave came back - he's such a trooper, Dave. I don't think anyone else but Dave Grohl probably would have done the thing he just did last night which is to come back and play for two hours and 45 minutes.

"One of the best shows I've seen with them - probably the best - and definitely the most memorable one.

"I just hope he'll continue his world tour and everyone else gets to see Foo Fighters."

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image captionFans react to Dave Grohl's fall

'Absolutely magical'

"Dave was really revved up and was running around like crazy," recalls Cecilia Svensson, who's from Gothenburg. "During the second song, he suddenly disappeared from stage.

"First many thought it was a part of the show, but when Dave announced he had to go to hospital, people realised it was serious business and the arena went quiet.

"We saw Taylor talking to people backstage, seemingly confused what to do. He asked the audience several times not to leave just yet.

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image captionCecilia Svensson says at first many fans thought the fall was part of the show

"After a while they carried Dave on to the stage on a stretcher and gave him a guitar and he started playing. The audience was absolutely ecstatic! Everybody stood up and cheered. The atmosphere was totally awesome.

"He was awesome, even sitting on a chair. It was absolutely magical when he limped out with crutches on to the extended stage to perform an acoustic version of My Hero, dedicating it to the people who helped him back on stage, and 50,000 people sang along."

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