Surprising pop star facts revealed by YouTube

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YouTube reveals statistics, usually only visible to those behind the scenes, showing some bizarre trends about the world's biggest stars.

They show that Taylor Swift is twice as popular in Bangkok in Thailand than New York, for example.

Or that One Direction are huge in Quezon City, the Philippines, as well as Mexico City.

Here are some more facts about the world's biggest artists that you may find surprising.

The Artist Insights service was unveiled on Wednesday. Google says it means musicians will be able to see the cities where they have the largest number of fans.

The records go back to September 2014 and include original versions of the artist's videos as well as fan shares and re-uploads.

Supposedly it's great for artists, although only the 10,000 biggest on YouTube are currently included.

But mostly, it's great for spying on how well artists are doing.

Taylor Swift

T-Swift cruises along at about 15 million views a day on YouTube but enjoyed a massive spike to around 30 million around the release of her Bad Blood video on 17 May.

She also doubled her regular viewers almost at a stroke in November 2014. Why? Well it might correspond with the time she pulled all her music from Spotify.

So where is she most popular? In terms of countries, the US just can't shake Swifty off, with a whopping 670 million views - which means mathematically speaking, everyone in the United States has watched at least two of her videos.

She's also pretty popular in the UK, with 203 million views. That's three-and-a-half Taylor videos each.

Bizarrely, though, she's most popular in Bangkok, Thailand. The city alone has watched nearly 50 million Taylor Swift videos. New York has watched just 25 million. But they still beat Iraq, which, with 6.3m views, has just a quarter as many as the Big Apple.

Justin Bieber

Justin cruises along at around 4m YouTube views a day, low considering it's the platform that made him a household name. There's one bizarre anomaly, though.

On December 24 2014 he shot up to 15m views in a day, then sunk back down. We couldn't tell you why, other than on that day he tweeted a link to a Christmas song he released way back in 2011.

So where's he popular? Buenos Aires, Argentina! The city alone has watched 20 million Bieber videos. The entire country only has 41 million people in it. He's really popular throughout South and Central America; São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Santiago in Chile, and Mexico City all feature in his top ten cities.

As does Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Cục cưng của em ơi, cục cưng, cục cưng.

That's "oh baby, baby, baby" according to the internet.

One Direction

Again, the boys are bizarrely popular in South America and south east Asia. Quezon City in the Philippines, Mexico City and, Jakarta in Indonesia make up the top three.

London is way down in fifth (in fact it's been fifth for everyone so far), with an impressive 21 million views. So we know what the hipsters of Shoreditch are really listening to. Ironically, of course.

The US can't get enough of One Direction, with 295m views. That's 100m more than second place Mexico.

And their most popular song? It's neck-and-neck between Steal my Girl on 220m, and What Makes You Beautiful on 219.

That's towering above Where Do Broken Hearts Go, their least popular song on 20m hits.

Susan Boyle

The one everyone wants to know. Just how big is SuBo on YouTube, and where?

Well, she's massive in the United... States. And then Taiwan. And then the United Kingdom, in third place, closely followed by Japan.

OK, so with 20 million views she's about as popular as 1D's least popular song, but that doesn't matter, she still racks up an enviable 70,000 hits a day.

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