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Taylor Swift walks backwards to avoid paparazzi photographers

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Taylor Swift has a new way of dealing with sneaky paparazzi photographers - she throws them off track by walking backwards.

The singer revealed her evasion tactics to a fan on Tumblr as pictures showed the singer walking the wrong way round.

Dressed in sports shorts and a vest, the 25-year-old was working out in woodland in LA, when a pap popped up ready to snap her.

"I saw the guy with the camera and wasn't in the mood," she said.

image copyrightInstagram
image captionTaylor Swift's trainer guiding her backwards
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image captionThe right way round in New York

"So I hiked the whole trail backwards and my security told me when to make turns."

The singer is thought to be a fan of big walks to keep fit and in the past has been seen out exercising with US fashion model and TV presenter, Gigi Hadid.

"Ah, the tranquility of the great outdoors," Swifts added on her Tumblr post.

Taylor Swift's 1989 was the biggest-selling album of 2014 and she is now touring across North America after making an appearance at Radio 1's Big Weekend last month.

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