Danish radio station criticised for killing baby rabbit on air

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Rabbits in a field

A radio presenter in Denmark has killed a baby rabbit live on air, provoking listeners to campaign for a boycott.

The 24/7 presenter was hosting a debate on animal welfare and said he carried out the killing to demonstrate the hypocrisy of animal campaigners who eat meat from supermarkets.

Alan, a nine-week-old rabbit, was hit three times over the head with a bicycle pump by Asger Juhl.

The rabbit apparently twitched several times before quietly dying.

Mr Juhl said he wanted to see whether he had become so attached to the rabbit by the end of the debate that he wouldn't be able to kill him.

Image source, Getty Images

Linse Kessler, an activist who had been part of an earlier discussion, talked her way back into the studio to try to save Alan.

She chased Mr Juhl around a table but did not manage to rescue the rabbit.

He has since taken the animal's carcass home and skinned it with his children who are aged six and eight.

They are planning a dinner of rabbit ragout.

Since the broadcast there has been an angry protest on social media, with people calling for a boycott of the radio station and describing the presenter's behaviour as disgusting.

One person wrote: "You can't eat a baby rabbit, but you just had to kill it."

Last year in Denmark, a baby giraffe called Marius was killed and dissected in front of children at Copenhagen Zoo, before being fed to the lions.

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