People are wearing clothes inside out to mark Fashion Revolution Day

By Amelia Butterly
Newsbeat reporter


Normally wearing your clothes inside out is a sign that you got ready in a rush that morning.

But today people are sharing photos of themselves on social media to mark Fashion Revolution Day.

It's why there are also lots of Instagram and Twitter pictures of the labels in T-shirts and jeans with people are asking retailers: who made my clothes?

This "fashion revolution" is calling a more ethical garment supply chain.

Two years ago a garment factory collapsed in Bangladesh, killing more than 1,100 people and injuring thousands more.

Bangladesh is one of the biggest producer of clothes in the world and some of those made in the Rana Plaza building were destined for shops in the West.

Many people lost more than one family member in the collapse.

Now, to mark the anniversary the organisers of Fashion Revolution day want to "keep the most vulnerable in the supply chain in the public eye".

"We aren't just purchasing a garment or accessory, but a whole chain of value and relationships," said the people behind Fashion Revolution.

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