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Germanwings 'be surprised' adverts removed

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image captionTransport for London confirm most of the posters have been removed

Adverts for airline Germanwings with the slogan "get ready to be surprised" have been removed from London Underground stations after the French Alps plane crash.

Transport for London (TfL) started taking down the posters only hours after the disaster.

Prosecutors have said the crash was caused "intentionally" by co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz.

He, and 149 passengers and crew were killed.

A TfL spokesman said: "The airline requested we that we take them down from stations. We had 65 digital adverts removed on Tuesday."

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image captionCo-pilot Andreas Lubitz "intentionally" crashed the plane according to German crash prosecutors.

The posters show a female cabin crew member standing next to the Germanwings logo with the slogan: "Get ready to be surprised. Visit Germany."

"There were also 17 large paper adverts, which obviously take a little bit more time to remove," the Tfl spokesman added.

"Five have been covered up and another ten will be covered up today.

"Then there are a final two that we are working to get covered up as soon as we can."

It has since been revealed that Andreas Lubitz hid the details of an existing illness from his employers according to German prosecutors.

They said they found torn-up sick notes in his homes, including one covering the day of the crash.

In their report, Duesseldorf prosecutors did not say what condition Mr Lubitz had.

But German media have said aviation authority documents suggest he suffered from depression and required ongoing assessment.

Prosecutors said there was no evidence of a political or religious motive to his actions, and no suicide note was found.

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