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This is our dream Kanye West Glastonbury setlist

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When we heard in March that Kanye West is headlining at Glastonbury, we composed our dream set list.

The rapper's got more than a decade of tunes to pick from.

There will be rants and other tracks in between, but these are the ones we want. Got that, Yeezy?

Only One ft. Sir Paul McCartney

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With a new baby on the way, we think Kanye needs to keep some attention on North before she starts to feel like last year's news.

What better way to do that than by getting his new mate Sir Paul to join him on stage?

Let's not forget that Paul has experience in making and bringing up babies, plus he's got Glasto form. He's probably got spare size 10 wellies too.

Drunk and Hot Girls

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The Glastonbury crowd is undoubtedly an attractive one, if you can see beyond the banners and flags. We couldn't comment on the beverages but we reckon this song will be pretty apt on Saturday night.

Flashing Lights

image captionThis man, Dan Rosney, works for Newsbeat. He also went to a Kanye gig in 2008

Because according to a member of the Newsbeat team, who attended a West gig back in 2008, Kanye said: "I'm sorry, because every gig you're going to go to after this you'll always compare to this one... and there's nothing that will compare to this."


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Simply in the vain hope it becomes the starting point of a massive Watch the Throne mash-up, where he brings out the likes of Jay Z, Frank Ocean and Beyonce.


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Because Newsbeat wants to see Daft Punk mixing their own sample with a laser light show dazzling the crowd as Kanye spits the lyrics: "Let's get lost tonight, you could be my black Kate Moss tonight." There are rumours Daft Punk will play Glastonbury so this could actually, for real, happen.

Gold Digger

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Because it's a classic.

Through the Wire

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The video starts like this: "Last October Grammy award-nominated producer Kanye West was in a nearly fatal car accident. His jaw was fractured in three places. Two weeks later he recorded this song with his mouth still wired shut... so the world could feel his pain."

So as well as introducing Kanye to the world we got the first Kanye rant, without even knowing it.

Bound 2

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Because we want him to replicate that video. Or at least have Seth Rogan and James Franco re-enact it it live on stage.

Black Skinhead

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Who doesn't want to see Kanye in a jewel encrusted mask, making statements about things we didn't know were a thing?

Jesus Walks

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Because sing-a-longs may be tricky with Kanye, but the hook on this is simple. Chant along.

All Falls Down

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Because the video starred Stacey Dash from Clueless.

Beck - Loser / Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are / Taylor Swift - We are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together

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Yes, we want to see some HUGE surprise guests.

We elect Beck, Bruno and Taylor because Kanye's apologised to them for various acceptance speech related things.

The thing is, no-one will believe these apologies are sincere until these duets happen in a muddy field in June. Got that, Kanye?


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In the interests of diversity and because of that piano riff from Chris Martin. Plus someone from an indie band on stage might help those who don't want hip hop at Glastonbury come to terms with the situation.

Hey Mama

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A dedication to his mum. It'll be a sad one (Donda West died in 2007) but he'll want to do it.

All Day

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Because this is how long Kanye probably thinks he should perform on that Saturday.

I Am A God/Power mash-up

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Because he'll want to remind us that he is the biggest rock star of them all. Repeatedly.

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