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HBO boss wants Game of Thrones to last 10 years

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It's the most popular show in HBO's history, so no wonder the network is in no rush to wrap up Game of Thrones.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, HBO boss Michael Lombardo says the show could last a decade if the network gets its way.

"Would I love the show to go 10 years as both a fan and a network executive?", he asks... "Absolutely."

But the programming president admits the final say is down to the show's creators.

"It's their vision", he says, adding: "If they weren't comfortable going beyond seven seasons, I trust them implicitly and trust that's the right decision, as horrifying as that is to me.

"What I'm not going to do is have a show continue past where the creators believe where they feel they've finished with the story."

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The show's creators David Benioff and Dan Weiss have previously suggested they'd like to finish the story after seven seasons, with the cast already signed up for another two series.

"We see the light at the end of the tunnel," Benioff says. "We still have a long way to go and things to figure out, but we definitely know where we're heading and the major end-beats."

"We don't want people to finally see the end and say, 'Thank God that's over'. We know basically how many hours are left in this story.

"We don't want to add ten hours to that. It's about finding that sweet spot so it works for us and for HBO and, most of all, it works for the audience."

But what if the network can't agree with them on when to call it a day?

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"This is the hard part of what we do," Lombardo says. We'll have an honest conversation that explores all possible avenues."

And bad news for anyone holding out for that much speculated GOT movie... don't hold your breath.

"Certainly there have been conversations where it's been said, 'Wouldn't it be cool to do that?'" Lombardo says.

"But when you start a series with our subscribers, the promise is that for your HBO fee that we're going to take you to the end of this.

"I feel that on some level it would be changing the rules: 'Now you have to pay $16 to see how your show ends'."

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