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Shawn Mendes: I have an abnormal job, but I'm a normal person

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Canadian singer Shawn Mendes, a Vine star who has nearly three million Twitter followers, says he's just a regular guy.

But it's hard to stay normal, the 16-year-old told Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw.

"When people are complimenting you all the time and putting you up on a pedestal, it'd be hard not to think that you deserve to be on the pedestal.

"But you have to keep reminding yourself that this is your career.

"My job is on that pedestal. Shawn is a regular person. I have an abnormal job, but I'm a normal person.

"I can see how people just build you up. Then when you snap, people are like: 'Why did you snap? You made him crazy?'"

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image captionShawn Mendes was photographed on the MTV Artists to Watch red carpet with Echosmith's Sydney Sierota

He says with all the success he's had, it's important to keep his friends close.

"I've been friends with the same five guys for eight years now, so being able to go through all this with them has been incredible.

"They've known that this has been a dream of mine forever, so for it all to happen in front of them is amazing and they've been so supportive.

"The best part is, they treat me the same as they did before. So I'm no different in my friends' group."

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image captionJosh Moran appeared with Shawn Mendes at an Island Records pre-Grammy party last month

Shawn is touring Europe and finds it hard to talk to some fans, because of the language barrier. But he wants to learn.

"I've been crazy obsessed with trying to learn languages, so I'm just trying to learn all languages I can. I'm doing French and Spanish at the same time.

"That's a lie [that I can speak three languages]. I'm going to make that true though.

"I cannot die only knowing one language. You learn French in school [in Canada] but I never really paid attention. I wish I did."

Shawn appeared with The Vamps at last year's Radio 1 Teen Awards singing on their track Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) and releases his debut album, Handwritten, next month.

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