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Azealia Banks explains 'white face' Twitter comment

By Chi Chi Izundu
Newsbeat entertainment reporter


Rapper Azealia Banks is no stranger to being controversial on Twitter.

This time, after outrage from some of her followers, Azealia has explained why she used the term "white face".

White face is considered a racial term for a black person putting white make up on their face to pretend they are white. Think a white person saying they are "blacking up".

Azealia tweeted fans that she was simply getting ready for her new music video.

image copyrightAZEALIABANKS

Azealia told her fans to calm down as she was getting ready for her Ice Princess video.

"Yall really r hype. This is not white face this is my Ice Princess makeup. Calm tf down LOL", she tweeted.

"And sidebar.. When snoop did whiteface YALL all thought that shit was hilarious and funny right? #MISOGYNOIR at its finest!!"

She tweeted a Wikipedia link to the misogynoir to explain for those who didn't know, that it is a term coined by black feminist scholar Moya Bailey that refers to anti-Black misogyny.

image copyright@AZEALIABANKS

The rapper didn't stop there.

"Lol u crackers wish I cared enough to be doing whiteface. I'm becoming the ICE PRINCESS YAAAAAAS."

Some people say the term 'crackers' is also offensive as it can be used to derogatively describe a white person.

She then went on to tweet: "The gay white media is so evil, ugly and delusional."

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