Eddie Murphy: I will play my music live in the UK

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Eddie Murphy says he will perform live music in the UK if his songs continue to "heat up".

The actor, who has had a couple of hits in the US, is set to release his new single Oh Jah Jah later this month.

He was chatting to BBC Radio 1Xtra's breakfast show presenters Twin B and Yasmin Evans who, in their own words, are "massive fans".

"If people start liking these tracks, I'll put a little band together and come do some stuff," he told them.

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In 2013, Eddie dabbled in reggae music with Snoop Lion, or Snoop Dogg as he's more commonly known, with the track Red Light.

Continuing with the Jamaican music theme, he's now penned and co-produced tracks on a new solo album, titled 9.

"I've been a fan of reggae music since Bob Marley and I got into him in High School," he explained.

"After listening to his stuff I just got exposed to a bunch of other Jamaican artists and I've been a fan for years and years.

"It was great hanging with Snoop at my crib, at the house, we were just there chilling and recording."

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The 53-year-old began his career in stand-up comedy before moving on to acting roles.

He won a Golden Globe Award for best supporting actor for his portrayal of soul singer James Early in Dreamgirls, as well as receiving nominations for performances in the Beverly Hills Cop series, Trading Places and The Nutty Professor.

Renowned for making people laugh, just how easy has he found it to make people take his music seriously?

"If I feel confident about something then I just let people hear it and whether or not they take it seriously I don't even think about it," he said.

"I'm not trying to be a pop star, it's just something I do and I do it in my free time."

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But the star of hits such as Shrek and Dr Dolittle admits he could "put a little band together" and tour.

"If one of these tracks heat up, then I'll come and play."

Oh Jah Jah will be available from 27 January and is one of Eddie's most recent songs.

"I might have stopped putting music out there for people to listen to in the 80s but I never actually stopped recording and writing.

"Oh Jah Jah is only about two or three months old."

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And if he needs any constructive feedback we're sure his former girlfriend might be able to help.

Eddie dated ex-Spice Girl and now X Factor judge Mel B during the 90s and is father to one of her children.

"It's all good, we got a little one, it's all good," he said when Twin B asked him about how their relationship was nowadays.

But don't count on a duet any time soon.

"I gotta get a hit record before I start doing collabs with big stars like that."

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