Farmers have their say on milk pricing row and take selfies


The price of milk is getting cheaper. Great news, right? Not, if you're a dairy farmer.

A group of MPs has urged the government to do more to protect them from sharp falls in milk prices.

Some are being forced out of business as the market is hit by rising supply and falling needs and not helped by the lower-than-expected demand from China and Russia's ban on food imports.

We've been chatting to farmers from across the UK.

Liam Light, 20

image copyrightLiam Light

Liam works on a farm in Bath, Somerset, and says his hours have been cut because of the fall in milk prices.

"This year compared to this time last year, it's about £400 less.

"Because people are wanting cheaper milk and they're buying these cheap deals it's putting people like me out of business.

"It's not just a job it's a way of life and it will have a massive effect on the countryside.

"It's stressful because I love my job."

Peter Dymond, 21

image copyrightPeter Dymond

The Dymond family run a farm in north Devon and Peter took time out from his tractor to talk to Newsbeat.

"There has to be money in it for it to work.

"We basically just receive a letter and are told there is going to be a drop in the money they [the supplier] pay us for the milk.

"We have very strict rules for animal welfare in the UK and if prices keep dropping then we won't be able to adhere to those.

"It's a relief MPs have finally cottoned on to this but for some farms it will be too late, that's the worrying part of it."

Grant Neilson, 18

image copyrightGrant Neilson

Grant works with his family on their dairy farm in Glasgow.

"It's hard work, I get up at half three and milk around 500 cows which takes about five hours.

"That process starts again around two in the afternoon and then again in the evening.

"It's so hard for us farmers at the moment because we are getting such little money for the milk compared to what goes into getting the milk.

"If there was a minimum amount it couldn't go below, that would be ideal for everyone.

"We feel like we are working for nothing."

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