Dapper Laughs: Homeless charity Shelter doesn't want his money

By Nicholas Rotherham
Newsbeat reporter

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Homeless charity Shelter says jokes by Dapper Laughs are "deeply offensive about homeless people".

Daniel O'Reilly is more commonly known as Dapper Laughs. He's released a novelty Christmas album on Spotify called Proper Naughty Christmas.

He claims some of the proceeds will be going to help the homeless.

But Shelter says it doesn't want a penny from the self-proclaimed ''proper lad''.

Shelter's CEO Campbell Robb told Newsbeat: "The fact that 90,000 children will wake up homeless this Christmas is no joke.

"Dapper Laughs's brand of 'comedy' - which is deeply offensive about homeless people, not to mention many others - is something we felt it was important to take a stand against.

"The support from the public has been overwhelming and we've seen a fantastic rise in donations as a result, meaning Shelter can help even more people this Christmas."

Twitter spat

It all kicked off when the website UsVsTh3m tweeted a link to a not-so positive review of the 14 track record.

Image source, Twitter/@UsVsTh3m

The album includes songs called A Walk To The Pub...With A Tramp, Cracking On To A Sweetheart and Leaving The Pub...With A Tramp.

It's available on Spotify and according to the comedian will raise funds for homeless charities.

Image source, Twitter@dapperlaughs

But Shelter then said it would not be accepting any money from Dapper Laughs.

Image source, Twitter/shelter

The comedian rose to fame on the back of his Vine video account where he claims to give "lad advice on romancing the ladies and being a geeza".

The star of ITV2's Dapper Laughs: On The Pull has 144 million Vine viewings, 1.7 million followers on Facebook and another 362,000 on Twitter, but his comedy isn't for everyone.

His clips, peppered with the catchphrases "she knows" and "proper moist", have been called sexist by viewers, and fellow comedians.

Image source, Twitter/dapperlaughs

Earlier this week Cardiff University students successfully petitioned for the cancellation of his show at their student union.

The union said Dapper Laughs was banned after students complained that he "trivialised rape, unprotected sex and dehumanising of women."

Petition organiser and student Vicky Chandler said she was really pleased the union had placed students' wishes above profits.

"It's been a hard campaign and we've received a lot of abuse from a minority of people but we are really happy we've been listened to," she said.

"Hopefully in the long run people will see that they can stand up about things they believe in and their voice will be heard.

"It's been so great to see so many people standing up and supporting us.

"It's started a talk about feminism and sexism on campus that I hope will continue."

Newsbeat contacted Dapper Laughs's management team but they refused to comment.

But an ITV spokesman said: "Dapper Laughs: On The Pull features an established internet comedy character created by Daniel O'Reilly.

"ITV2 commissioned a show in which this character is placed within a recognisable TV format, a dating advice show.

"Comedy is subjective and we realise the content of the show might not be to everyone's taste.

"We regret that any of our viewers were offended. However, as with all of our shows, the series content was carefully considered, complied and deemed suitable for broadcast."

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