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Drink-drive limit in Scotland - you tell us what you think

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image captionScotland plans to cut its drink drive limits in line with most of Europe

Scotland wants to change its laws on drink driving.

It could mean that by Christmas the legal level of alcohol will be down from 80mg to 50mg in every 100ml of blood.

So, a single drink of wine or beer would put a driver over the limit.

Scotland would then be in line with most of Europe, but while Northern Ireland is thinking about changing England and Wales are not just yet.

Newsbeat's been speaking to drivers north and south of the Scottish border to see what they think.

image captionFreya is 20-years-old and studying law at Newcastle University

"I believe that if Scotland is going to reduce its drink driving limit then that's something that should be done throughout the entirety of the United Kingdom.

"There are going to be problems reducing the drinking limit to less than a glass of wine or pint of beer simply because people will be confused about what the exact limit is and consequently people will be caught out."

image captionMartin is 28-years-old and a delivery driver from Aberdeen

"Scotland should have the same drink-drive limit as England and Wales, so people aren't caught out crossing the border.

"I've got friends in Stoke-on-Trent and I go down and visit them quite a lot. If I were coming back over the border after a night out I'd have to be really wary about how much I have to drink the night before so I'm not over the limit coming back into Scotland."

image captionAden is 21 and works at the University of Cumbria

"People know well enough not to drink and drive at night time, but people aren't as aware of the drink-drive limits the morning after.

"We're ruled by the same UK government so the same rules should apply for either country. Being five minutes across the border and having to comply to a completely different rule is a bit unfair."

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