Michael Owen has 'only watched eight films ever'

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During his 17-year career it's safe to say Michael Owen had to overcome a fair few challenges.

But forget serious knee injuries or last minute losses, retirement presents the 34-year-old with a new problem.

You see it turns out Michael seems to hate watching films, and has only ever watched eight in his life.

The footballer tweeted this revelation to his 2.97 million followers, after watching his eighth on a long flight back from China.


When Owen isn't working as a football pundit, you're more likely to catch him at a racecourse, as he's proven quite successful at producing a winner from his state of the art horse racing stables in Cheshire.

But one place you definitely won't find him is at a cinema, although it seems in the past he's been forced to endure a few classics, after he listed them in a tweet.


So naturally after the footballer revealed his distaste for feature length entertainment, #owenfilms started to trend on Twitter, where users came up with titles based on Owen's career, although mainly his injuries.

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image captionSorry Sly, Michael had to grin and bear Rocky

Safe to say there were a few good suggestions too, including: "I couldn't bend it like Beckham", "Lord of the Hamstrings", "Scar Wars Return of the X-Ray", and one for the kids, "Snow White and the Seven Owens".


Despite the humorous online response, few people have suggested what should be his next viewing, maybe something short could be a shout.

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