No new Adele album in 2014, according to XL's accounts

By Amelia Butterly
Newsbeat reporter

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Adele fans will be waiting longer than rumoured for her third album to be released, suggest reports filed by her record company and seen by Newsbeat.

XL Recordings, which released her previous two albums, revealed the information in accounts filed with Companies House earlier this week.

"There will not be a further new release by Adele during 2014 and consequently there will be a fall in XL's turnover and profits," they wrote.

They reported profits of £9.5m in 2013.

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In a section of the report entitled Business Review, they said: "XL Recordings Limited has had continued success with the artist Adele.

"Back catalogue sales of Adele during 2013 continued to account for a significant proportion of the sales and profit during the period."

In 2012, the year after the release of Adele's second album, 21, XL Recordings' profit was more than £19m.

A representative for Adele declined to comment on the report.

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Messages the singer had posted on Twitter earlier this year had given fans hope that a new album would be released before the end of 2014.

The night before her 26th birthday she tweeted a picture of herself with the caption: "Bye bye 25."

It was followed by the line, "See you again later in the year x," which led to rumours that the Rolling In The Deep singer would be putting out new music.

At the time her management said they "still have no official word" on a release.

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In September a recording studio in London told Newsbeat that Adele had been writing new songs.

In keeping with naming her albums after her age when she started working on them, Adele's latest project had been rumoured to be called 24.

Her first album was titled 19.

Released in January 2011 Adele's 21 is the fourth best-selling album in the UK of all time.

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