The last days of murdered teenager Jayden Parkinson

By Nomia Iqbal
Newsbeat reporter at Oxford Crown Court

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image captionJayden Parkinson was found dead on 18 December last year

The violent ex-boyfriend of 17-year-old Jayden Parkinson has been jailed for life, with a minimum term of 20 years, for the murder of his pregnant former girlfriend Jayden Parkinson.

He strangled the teenager and later buried her twice in Oxford.

Ben Blakeley, a former bin man, had already admitted manslaughter and told a court he didn't mean to hurt her but was found guilty of murder on Thursday.

At Oxford Crown Court, a jury heard how Blakeley, 22, regularly beat Jayden.

A month before her death, he had threatened to post dozens of naked pictures and videos of Jayden online in the hope she'd kill herself.

Jayden had reported his threats to the police telling officers she was terrified of Blakeley.

She then discovered she was pregnant and tried to reach out to him.

Tests have never fully revealed if she was pregnant.

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image captionThe hostel where Jayden spent the last month of her life

It was on 3 December when Jayden told staff there that she wanted to talk to her ex-boyfriend Blakeley and persuade him he was the father of her baby.

He had taken away her phone so she rang him from the hostel landline. She then left at 15:41 GMT.

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image captionCCTV of Jayden leaving her hostel in Oxford to walk half an hour to meet Ben Blakeley
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image captionBen Blakeley was captured on CCTV at Oxford train station with Jayden
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image captionBoth arrived at Didcot train station and headed to the the countryside near east Hagbourne

Jayden wanted to discuss the pregnancy but Blakely accused her of cheating.

He put her hands around her throat and when she fell to the ground Blakeley said he thought she was joking when she didn't get up, because he had grabbed her harder in the past.

He says he tried to resuscitate her and used his mobile screen to check if she was breathing.

Blakeley then covered her body with a branch and left to catch a train from Didcot back to his home in Reading.

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image captionBlakeley was seen returning to Didcot train station late on the evening of 3 December

A few days later Blakely went back to the field.

During the trial, the jury heard how his younger brother Jake Blakeley had helped him dig two graves for the body of 17-year-old Jayden.

He said he did not see what was being buried, but was told by his brother the first, in a field, was for weapons and the second, at a graveyard in Didcot, was for the bodies of a cat and dog.

The jury was discharged after failing to reach a verdict after Jake Blakeley was accused of preventing Jayden's lawful burial.

The 17-year-old denied the charge but admitted perverting the course of justice.

The Crown Prosecution Service now has seven days to decide whether to bring a retrial against him.

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image captionJake Blakeley was accused of preventing the lawful burial of Jayden Parkinson

Ben Blakeley then returned to the same field a few days later, put Jayden's body in a suitcase and got a taxi to All Saints cemetery and buried it in his uncle's grave.

He told the court he wanted her to rest in a proper place and apologised to the family for his actions.

When police arrested Ben Blakeley, he told them he was evil.

He always denied murder saying he never meant to kill Jayden.

But eleven out of twelve jurors didn't believe him.

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