James Corden: Phil Neville England criticism 'ghastly'

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James Corden has told Newsbeat that people "should think a little more" before tweeting "ghastly opinions" during the World Cup.

His comments follow Phil Neville's commentary of England's match against Italy, which attracted 445 complaints and criticism on social media.

"I think Phil Neville's great," said the comedian.

"Who are we to say that anyone's commentary is bad until you've sat in that seat and actually done it?"

image captionPhil Neville received complaints about his commentary style during England's opening World Cup game

The 35-year-old, who has appeared with the England squad in several sketches as his Gavin and Stacey character Smithy, added that Twitter shouldn't be taken as public opinion.

He said: "People have got to stop looking at a backlash on Twitter as meaning anything than a few hundred people voicing their opinion.

"Most people aren't on Twitter. I think it's a small amount of people, well, a big amount of people but not the whole country."

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image captionThere has been a lot of debate surrounding Wayne Rooney's place in Roy Hodgson's side

Corden also commented on mounting pressure on England striker Wayne Rooney to perform at the competition in Brazil.

"I can't believe people are having a go at Wayne Rooney," he said.

Commenting after England's opening game, which saw Roy Hodgson's side lose 2-1, he added: "One game, one assist, this is good going.

"Also, people seem to forget how good other footballers are. That's what I always think about football.

"People keep going, 'The problem is he needs to play in the hole, the problem is...'

"No, the problem is there are other teams who are really, really good at football as well.

"We are good and so are other people. That's the nature of the World Cup.

"How can you criticise a player like Wayne Rooney when he is just clearly one of the best in the country at his job?"

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image captionJames Corden thinks England can reach the quarter-final of the competition

Talking about England's chances in the competition, Corden says he thinks England can qualify for the next round.

He explained: "I feel like so often it's the hope that kills you. But I really want us to beat Uruguay so much. I think if we do - I think we'll make the quarter-finals."

England's next game in the World Cup is against Uruguay on Thursday 19 June, kicking off at 20:00 BST.

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