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The Wanted: Difficult to sustain this level of success

By Chi Chi Izundu
Newsbeat entertainment reporter


Tom Parker from The Wanted says the band were worried about critics with the release of their second album.

The band released their second album, Word of Mouth, last week, which entered the album chart at number seven.

But Parker said because of the band's past success with singles from their first album, they feel that they have "set a precedent".

"I think for any band, I think it's very difficult to always sustain a certain level," he added.

"I think when we came in with a number one single (All Time Low), you set a precedent then to stay at number one.

"And when you don't stay at number one, the critics are like 'Well, that's the fall of The Wanted'. Mmmm, it's not really. It's just very difficult to stay there. Do you know what I mean, and it is."

image captionThe Wanted performed in London as part of the Children In Need Rocks gigs

The Wanted, along with Gary Barlow, Dizzee Rascal, Little Mix, Robbie Williams and other artists performed in central London on Tuesday for the Children In Need Rocks gigs.

The band have said that they still haven't made a decision about whether to allow cameras to follow them on their Word of Mouth tour for a second reality TV series.

Parker said he was definitely "up for it", but the band will probably just concentrate on their music for now.

He added that their popularity in the UK may have "taken a hit" because of their touring around the world.

"You'll have your up moments and you'll have your down moments in music.

"I feel like, because we've been out of the country quite a lot as well, we've been travelling the world, so we're happy that it's not just in the UK any more.

"It's worldwide and we'll probably do a good couple of hundred thousand the first week in different territories around the world.

"So, I think it's been worth us going around the world, even though the UK market might have taken a bit of a hit.

"I feel like it's been worth it for the growth of the band worldwide."

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