X Factor must reflect tough music industry - Gary Barlow

By Amelia Butterly
Newsbeat reporter


Gary Barlow says The X Factor has got more difficult this year, reflecting how "hard" the record industry can be.

"It does feel tougher this year," he said. "I feel like it's going almost in line with the music business because it's tougher than ever out there.

"We see one, two acts breaking per year now."

The show has introduced new methods of elimination, like chairs which people were moved on or off, depending if they were going to judges' houses.

"It's a hard business and I'm not surprised these shows may get tougher over the years," said the 42-year-old singer-songwriter.

Also new this year is a Saturday night flash vote, the loser of which will automatically be in the bottom two on Sunday evening.

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"The groups that benefit are the ones that go out there and do great performances and that's throughout the series," said Barlow.

"Whether they're doing votes on a Saturday or a Sunday, it doesn't matter."

Even though he admits it is difficult to get noticed in the music industry, the Take That star says he thinks it is important his groups reflect their own identities.

"Whenever I've done X Factor I've tried to encourage anyone who's in my category to try and find their own music, to tear out bits of magazines to show us how you want to look," he said.

"The idea of me telling anybody here what to do, I don't like that actually.

"So if the girls want to go out there dressed like Miley Cyrus then I'm not going to say no. I'm not going to encourage [it], but we'll see."

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On Monday it was revealed that Sese Foster, part of girl group Miss Dynamix, was pregnant.

"She's a great message for young people who are having babies or thinking of having babies because, you know, it's not a disability," said Barlow.

"She's just having a baby, that's it, and so we're all very positive about it. I've told her she can't give birth in my dressing room."

Sese Foster added: "The only problem I have is I want to eat, so as long as I get some food I'll be fine.

"I've got so much energy. I'm feeling good."

In addition to Miss Dynamix, Barlow is mentoring two boy bands; Kingsland Road and Rough Copy.

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