Rapper Dr. Dre tops Forbes highest-paid musicians list

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Hip-hop artist Dr. Dre has topped a Forbes list of the 25 highest-paid musicians in 2012.

The 47-year-old became one of the leading names in rap in the early 1990s with N.W.A. and has worked with artists including Eminem and Snoop Dogg.

The producer's headphones business, Beats by Dre, helped him make $100 million (£62.3m) in pre-tax earnings, according to Forbes.

The top 10 also included Take That at number five.

The group, who reformed in 2005, made $69 million (£43m) earned from an eight-date tour at London's Wembley Stadium in June and July 2011.

That also became the highest-grossing single stadium tour to date.

Last year's highest-paid musicians, U2, finished in fourth place this year with combined earnings of $78 million (£48.6m) from their three-year 360 tour.

Other British stars in the top 25 included Pink Floyd's Roger Waters (second), Elton John (third) Paul McCartney (joint eighth), Coldplay (21), Adele (22) and Sade (25).

Taylor Swift, 22, finished level with Paul McCartney and 18-year-old Justin Bieber tied with US country star Toby Keith at number 10 with earnings of $55 million (£34m).

Forbes puts its annual highest-paid musicians list together by estimating artists' earnings from music sales, live shows, endorsements and merchandising.

The top 25 list is as follows:

1. Dr. Dre - $100 million (£62.3m)

2. Roger Waters - $88m (£54.8m)

3. Elton John - $80m (£49.8m)

4. U2 - $78m (£48.6m)

5. Take That - $69m (£43m)

6. Bon Jovi - $60m (£37.3m)

7. Britney Spears - $58m (£36.1m)

8= Paul McCartney - $57m (£35.5m)

8= Taylor Swift - $57m (£35.5m)

10= Justin Bieber - $55m (£34m)

10= Toby Keith - $55m (£34m)

12. Rihanna - $53m (£33m)

13. Lady Gaga - $52m (£32.4m)

14. Foo Fighters - $47m (£29.2m)

15= Diddy - $45m (£28m)

15= Katy Perry - $45m (£28m)

17. Kenny Chesney $44m (£27.4m)

18. Jay-Z - $40m (£24.9m)

19. Red Hot Chili Peppers - $39m (£24.2m)

20. Beyonce - $38m (£23.6m)

21. Coldplay - $37m (£23m)

22= Adele - $35m (£21.7m)

22= Kanye West - $35m (£21.7m)

24. Michael Buble - $34m (£21.1m)

25. Sade - $33m (£20.5m)

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