Your views: Dog microchips to be introduced in England

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Millions of dog owners in England will have to pay for their pets to be fitted with a microchip, under plans to be announced on Monday (23 April).

Ministers are expected to say that every puppy should be fitted with a device giving details of who they belong to.

The information will be stored on computers which can be accessed by police and the RSPCA.

The government thinks the plan will make it easier to find and take the owners of violent dogs to court.

But there are worries that some people will not obey the law, while it will cost responsible owners more.

Microchipping is already compulsory in Northern Ireland and a consultation will be launched later this year in Wales.

There are currently no plans for Scotland to do the same.

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Jason Betts - All responsible dog owners already do this anyway, it's a great idea, but how 'compulsory' will it be? Vets can't force owners to pay, can they?

Chris MacInnis - Mine is already chipped, responsible owners already do this. Others will just not bother!!!

Teresa Allford - It only cost me £5, if you can't afford that what about insurance or basic care bills like nail clipping, dentistry or toys and coats... dogs are not a cheap accessory they need looking after, if you can't afford it you shouldn't have a pet...!!

Lee Crowther - How can this be policed? In a nut shell it can't as far as I can see. Take your local chav for instance, he'd rather buy some cannabis, Nike trainers, new socks and a checkered hat than spend the money on being responsible.

Samantha Moncrieff - I have always had my dogs and cats microchipped, it's a good think for the owner too if your pet gets lost. More people would probably have it done if the cost came down? As for making all dog owners ...... Good luck it will never happen and the owners with the dangerous dogs will not have them chipped and probably not take them to vet for their boosters either in case they get caught, so it will end up the pets suffering :-(

Sue Reynolds - Neutering should be compulsory too, for the health of the dog!!!

Gazza Lawrence - Gonna be a lot of people blaming the government because, the owners will have to take responsibility for a change, and that will also cause more fouling they will think because they've paid for a chip they won't have to pick up.

Paul Mooney - This'll cause an increase in back street removals, as the people who are training them to be violent, sure as hell won't want their names attached to them. And irresponsible owners will just not update the details when they get them chipped! Hell the DVLA can't even get everyone to update their car/driving licences and there's a £1,000 fine on that!

El Gunar - We got our dog from a rescue centre. He had been a stray and wasn't chipped. For the cost of £15 we know that if he went missing we stand a better chance of getting him back!

Lynne Fleming - I live in Northern Ireland and microchipping is currently a free service carried out by most local councils. My dog was spayed last month and my vet chipped her for free, the only cost is if you wish to spend the one off £10 fee to activate the reunification service.

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@charlottecvs - As a qualified dog trainer I already chip all my dogs, it's part of responsible ownership! I think this is a great idea.

@lickedspoon - Yes, everyone should have their dog microchipped. Why wouldn't you? There are lots of free schemes for those who can't afford.

@tomharris_ - Bad idea, what about older pets where the risk is increased?

@GelaDaniels - It is a good idea, problem now though is that vets will bump up the price to take advantage of owners having no other options.

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