David Guetta employs 'investigator' over song theft

By Greg Cochrane
Newsbeat music reporter

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David Guetta says he's employing an ex-Pentagon investigator to look into the theft of his new single.

The French producer and DJ says parts of the song were stolen by a hacker who added their own production and put it online claiming it was Guetta.

An unfinished version of Where Them Girls At, which features Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj, appeared online this week.

"It's a big worry," said David Guetta. "We've hired the guy who works with security for the Pentagon."

His record company has now released the song ahead of schedule online.

'Big Worry'

The producer, who has had five number one UK hits, has collaborated with the likes of Rihanna, Kelly Rowland and Akon.

He also produced Black Eyed Peas' I Gotta Feeling.

Currently on his first UK arena tour, he said that the threat of hackers was now a "big worry" to him and a threat to the security of his music.

"It's really crazy, I know it sounds like a film but it's the truth. They would be at a famous studio for example.

'Huge problems'

"Usually inside the studio there's a Wi-Fi connection so between the engineer and the artist we can send tracks to work. They (the hackers) would be outside in a car.

"We have to have a real specialist because it's really crazy because every artist has huge problems.

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image captionGuetta has worked with artists like Rihanna, Akon and Kelly Rowland

"Our job as producers is to make the music sound as good as possible. If you put a demo on the net and people say it was the finished version then they're going to say it sucks. I really hate that.

"Almost the entire Akon album leaked and he had to remake a new album. It's really terrible for artists."

He explained that one trick hackers have used in the past in order try to steal from him is to pose as studio workers online to gain access to incomplete tracks.

"I don't answer these emails any more but one day as I was working with Usher I had a message from his engineer - it's impossible for anyone normal to know the name of Usher's engineer.

"He was saying, 'Hey it's me, I need you to download those vocals.'

"Then if you give a code they break into your computer - this kind of thing."

Guetta will release his fifth album later this year.

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