Ferrari World theme park set to open in Abu Dhabi

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Ferrari is getting ready to open the doors to the largest indoor theme park in the world this week (27 October).

Based in Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World will host 20 attractions under a 200,000 sq m air-conditioned roof.

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image captionThe park will have a driving school for children

Among them is the world's fastest rollercoaster, which reaches 149mph (240 km/h).

There is also a ride that shoots passengers up in the air to simulate the G-force experienced by a Formula One driver.

Car collection

There are, of course, plenty of the company's motors.

The park features the biggest collection of classic and modern Ferrari race cars outside of the company's Italian headquarters.

The merry-go-round will also feature never before seen Ferrari prototypes and fans will be able to walk through a F1 paddock and try out some of the tools used during pit-stops.

"We are the ultimate brand experience for Ferrari," said General Manager Claus Frimand.

"We tell the whole story of all the Ferrari victories over time and why it's the biggest of the race teams."

The park is close to the Yas Marina Circuit, which in November hosts the final race of the F1 season - the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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