UK man charges £7,000 for month-long 'supercar' wash

By Dan Whitworth
Newsbeat technology reporter, in Derbyshire


Gurcharn Sahota works on some of the world's fastest cars at his workshop just outside Derby.

But if you're used to spending £5 on getting the car cleaned at the local garage, forget it.

Gurcharn says he uses painstaking cleaning methods to make £1 million supercars look almost better than new.

He's worked on Bugatti Veyrons, McLaren F1s, F1 GTRs and Pagani Zondas.

At his specially-equipped garage Gurcharn told Newsbeat, "a full treatment here costs around £7,000".

"For that kind of service I'll spend around four weeks working on a car."

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Gurcharn Sahota works on a Porsche 911 driven from Paris to be cleaned

Gurcharn's work goes beyond the usual bucket and sponge wash.

Shampoo and clay bars

"We have various different processes that we put the car through," he said.

"First is a complete wash with pH neutral shampoo and citrus degreasers, which is essentially orange extract.

"We use different temperature water, from 40C to 140C depending on the area of the car.

Gurcharn has to use special towels and an extra powerful hair dryer to make the vehicle ready for the next stage of cleaning.

"Then it's decontamination using clay bars to get rid of things like tree sap, tar and air pollutants."

£8,000 Brazilian wax

Incredibly, it's important to remove scratches and marks that are barely visible to the naked eye.

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Gurcharn Sahota has worked on £1m cars including the Bugatti Veyron

Gurcharn said: "I use an electrical scanner to work out the depth of the paint work to 1/1000th of an inch.

"That way I know how deep I can go with ultra fine sandpaper and polish."

Some of the tools, equipment and products he uses are the most expensive in the world.

Natural wax imported from Brazil at more than £8,000 per tin takes pride of place on his trolley.

International travel

As for customers Gurcharn's work takes him all over Europe and beyond.

"Sometimes if one of my customers calls up from the Middle East they'll fly me out there business class.

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Gurcharn uses an electronic scanner to find imperfections in the paintwork

"All my kit will come with me and I can spend anything from a couple of days out there to several weeks."

Currently, he's working on the classic Porsche 911.

"The owner has driven it over especially from Paris and is staying in a local hotel while I work on it for two days."

As for accusations that no car service, no matter how much effort goes into it, can be worth what he charges he's still proud of the work he does.

"If you give me a new car I can make it look better.

"If one of my customers wants to respray a million pound car it could cost them up to £100,000.

"Give it to me for a couple of weeks, I'll charge a fraction of the price and it will look even better."