Mobile phone users are 'wasting £800m'

By Dan Whitworth
Newsbeat technology reporter

Image source, (C) British Broadcasting Corporation
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People often get confused about which contract is best for them

People on mobile phone contracts are wasting £800 million every year because they are on the wrong tariff.

New research from price comparison site claims that if people switched to contracts that suited them better they could save £62 a year.

It's being put down to users either not making the most of their monthly deals in terms of calls, texts and data downloading or going over their minutes and being charged extra.

There are also claims that with so many deals, on different length contracts, people can often get confused and end up unsure which one would work best for them.

To avoid paying more than you need the advice is to check old bills before signing on to any new tariff, especially as many contracts now last up to two years.

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