Radio 1 listeners round up Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo

By Iain Mackenzie
Newsbeat reporter



Sony has announced the date its 'Move' motion controller will go on sale: 15 September.

There are also pricing details for Europe although no specific figures for the UK yet.

Motion sensing camera and Move controller will sell for 59.99 euros (£49.88).

Extra controllers are priced at 39.99 euros (£33.25).

The optional navigation controller (similar to Nintendo's Nunchuk) will sell for 29.99 euros (£24.93).

Sony is also pushing 3D gaming.

The company said it expected to have more than 20 3D titles available for the PS3 by March 2011.


Xbox 360 is getting a makeover.

The new 360s is slimmer, smaller and now comes in shiny black casing.

Microsoft has added built-in wi-fi for the first time.

There's also a larger, 250GB hard drive for downloading games and HD movies.

The new Xbox motion sensing controller, Kinect, also got its official launch.

The system tracks gamers' body movements and responds to spoken commands.

There's no pricing details yet.

Kinect is expected to go on sale in the UK before Christmas.


The DS gets yet another edition, the 3DS.

Nintendo's latest model features a 3D top screen.

There's also dual cameras for taking 3D pictures.

And, finally, the addition of an analogue joypad.

On the gaming front, Nintendo announced it would bring out an updated Wii version of N64 classic GoldenEye.


Some of the big game announcements include:

Medal of Honour multi player

Def Jam Rapstar

Rockband 3

Gears of War 3

Killzone 3

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Wii Party

Just Dance 2

Donkey Kong Country Returns

Halo: Reach

Rock Band 3

Deus Ex: Human Revolution