Trash Talk: Don't do 'days off'

By Greg Cochrane
Newsbeat music reporter

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image captionTrash Talk: Sam, Spencer, Garrett and Lee

As far as they're concerned, a day off for Sarcremento hardcore punk mob Trash Talk is a day wasted.

Since coming together in 2005, a work-hungry passion has seen them play hundreds (if not thousands) of anarchic shows across the globe whilst running on "zero sleep", shed four members and become tagged by one music magazine as "the most dangerous live band in the world".

Their live shows are exhibitions of flailing destruction - watch clips of their gigs online and you'll see fans piling on top of each other, air born beer crates and front man Lee Speilman throwing himself off any furniture available.

"If there s a hole in the tour or a day off we'll book a show on that day," says drummer Sam Bosson. "There's no reason not to."

"We can run on zero sleep, we have before and we'll definitely be doing it again."

Non-stop touring

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image captionTrash Talk lead singer Lee Speilman regularly loses his voice

When we speak to them at the ungodly hour of 11am - Sam's slumped next to the rest of the band's current line-up - front man Lee Speilman, guitarist Garrett Stevenson and bassist Spencer Pollard.

After a gig in Nottingham the night previously, and two shows in London that day, the wear and tear is showing.

"It's always like this, and probably going to stay like this," says lead singer Lee Speilman explaining about his voice. A cracked whisper which sounds like he's been gargling glass.

Their explosive live energy, combined with a brutal recorded sound has earned them the respect of their peers in the underground community.

Three albums have come since they started, including 2008's Steve Albini produced Trash Talk and new effort Eyes & Nines, out next week.

"Every album we've recorded has been over two days except for this one," says Speilman. "We just go in and do it live. But this one was three weeks."

Those positively generous recording sessions were recorded alongside Joby J Ford - guitarist with Los Angeles punks The Bronx.

"We love those dudes - the Bronx are pretty much our brothers," says Stevenson. "Its cool to have them working with us."

"We did a full US tour with them last year," laughs Speilman. "There were some nights where we weren't standing at all."

Biker encounter

With Trash Talk's live reputation proceeding them - it's no surprise they've found themselves in a few close calls while on their global travels.

"We almost got it from a bunch of bikers in Florida," says Speilman. "One of the dudes was at least five times the size of me.

"He talked like a WWF wrestler and wore a leather coat. If you can imagine a more terrifying site."

Despite Speilman's broken voice and their lack of sleep - burning out doesn't appear to be an option.

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