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Doctor Who girl 'completely nervous' about series debut


Doctor Who's new companion, actress Karen Gillan, says she's "completely nervous" about the airing of her first episode.

The 22-year-old admitted the series debut was always going to be daunting but that the production team were all "really proud" of their work.

Doctor number eleven - Matt Smith - will also be introduced when the show returns at Easter.

Gillan said her on-screen partner would win over fans and silence those who've raised eyebrows about choosing a relatively unknown young actor.

"What Matt's done is something completely incredible", she said. "He's completely made the part his own and I think people really are going to fall in love with his Doctor."

The Inverness-born actress said that Smith is a bit of a joker on set and "like an annoying older brother - but annoying in a brilliant way."

She also revealed that the 27-year-old brings a guitar to the set, to strum away at during takes. (Although she's yet to find out if he's any good).

Strong and sassy

While careful not to let slip any spoilers about the first episode, Gillan is proud to admit that her character (Amy Pond) is not intimidated by the Doctor.

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image captionMatt Smith is like an 'annoying older brother - in a brilliant way' says Gillan

"Amy is a very sassy young lady," she said. "She's not completely in awe of the Doctor all the time, there's none of that. She doesn't take his word as gospel."

Details of how the timelord meets his new companion are a closely guarded secret, but viewers should find it "very interesting," said Gillan.

The redhead has also been getting a taste of the attention that awaits her - she's getting noticed on the street and is already receiving fan mail.

"Which is strange as people haven't even seem me yet. But it's lovely as you know there are people out there rooting for you.

Help from mum

Landing such a high profile role has also been something of an education for the actress.

She admits being a little naive about Doctor Who's history, but says her mum has helped fill in the gaps.

"My mother in a massive 'Whovian'. She loves Doctor Who, so she knows everything.

"But since I joined the show I've turned into a complete geek and am really into my sci-fi now."

At the end of the month Gillan and Smith are also setting out on a nationwide 'Doctor Who tour' to promote the new series.

Each of the five locations (Belfast, Inverness, Sunderland, Salford and Northampton) will host a premiere of episode one, The Eleventh Hour, for local children.

The actress said she was looking forward to seeing the reaction of fans, even though she hasn't seen the episode herself yet.

She joked: "We are going to have a great big Doctor Who tour bus, which is going to be so much fun. We want it to be like the Spice World bus from the Spice Girls film!"

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