Seyfried says Mamma Mia 2 on way

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image captionSeyfried stars alongside Julianne Moore in new thriller Chloe

Mamma Mia! star Amanda Seyfried has confirmed there are plans for a follow-up to the hugely successful movie.

The actress, who played Sophie in the musical, has denied knowledge of a sequel in the past.

However, she has now suggested that there are serious talks underway about releasing a second film.

She told Newsbeat: "I've been talking to some insiders and it's not something that they haven't been working on. I don't actually know anything other than that.

"I know it's still going to be Abba music, because what else would it be? Come on, I wouldn't do Mamma Mia 2 without Benny and Bjorn."

The 2008 film version of the West End musical grossed more than $500 million worldwide (£306m).

Seyfried, who's promoting new movie Chloe, admitted that she was slightly intimidated by some of her co-stars on Mamma Mia! who included Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth.

She said: "I've got to say that was a big cast. It was so much fun that nothing was very serious on that so it was a completely different type of project.

"Maybe it would give me an opportunity to not be intimidated by Meryl any more. Especially because now after doing Chloe I feel so much more capable than I've ever felt before.

"If I go back I'll probably have enough confidence in myself to not be so intimidated by anybody."

However, the 23-year-old admitted that they all had fun on the Greek Island set.

She said: "I think we all had the best time and we all got along so well. It was like some days it felt like we were just people on vacation."

"I will do it. And I know Meryl's game as well, so bring it on. It will be so cool."

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