10 things we didn't know last week

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1. 'Cat's eyes' in Suffolk are to be renamed 'road studs' after confused foreign tourists thought they were made from real cats.

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2. The name Pakistan is an acronym, and was first coined - without the letter 'i' - in 1933.

3. A rare white moose has been captured on film in Sweden.

Find out more (The Independent)

4. Scientists have found the missing link between plant-eating and carnivorous dinosaurs.

5. Female characters get all the worst lines in films, despite making the most money in lead roles - says a study of 1000 film scripts.

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6. You may have been pronouncing Primark wrong.

Find out more (The Evening Standard)

7. In some US states it's illegal to take down monuments or change street names honouring the Confederacy.

Find out more (Los Angeles Times)

8. Goldie collects kimonos.

Find out more (The Evening Standard)

9. There are more than 10,000 motorists allowed on the roads with 12 points on their licence.

10. A TV studio is reported to be in talks to adapt "The Bad Boys of Brexit" - a book about the political campaigning around Brexit.

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