10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Puppies have a stroppy teenage phase around the age of eight months.

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2. More than half of the UK's international airports lack free drinking water fountains.

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3. More than 2,500 grocery products have been subject to so-called "shrinkflation" in the past five years.

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4. One fifth of the world's superyachts are made in the Italian coastal town of Viareggio.

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5. The US military spends almost $42m (£32m) a year on the erectile dysfunction medication Viagra.

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5. There is a bin which turns kitchen waste into plant food.

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7. More than one quarter of food outlets in England are takeaways.

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8. Forty per cent of America's gun owners have not received formal firearms training.

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9. The Time Lord's name is Doctor Who, not the Doctor.

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10. There is a dating app just for verified Twitter users.

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