10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Johnny Depp is alleged to have spent $30,000 a month on fine wine.

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2. The Great Scottish half-marathon course is 150m too short.

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3. You can carry one falcon in economy class on a Qatar Airways flight.

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4. Galactic X-rays could point to dark matter proof.

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5. A dating app is being developed to help orangutans find a love match.

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6. A man sold his back tattoo to German art collector, for 150,000 Euros.

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7. Being 'hangry' actually exists.

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8. A virtual reality game could help detect schizophrenia.

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9. 31 small cat species hail from seven distinct lineages.

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10. David Beckham owns over 1000 pairs of football boots.

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