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On Christmas Eve last year, Karrie-Ann was told she had breast cancer. Still reeling from the news, a few weeks later she got another big shock - she was three months pregnant. "We were surprised and emotional," says Karrie-Ann. "We did want another child together." But when the news came through, she had already been prepared for surgery, and was faced immediately with a difficult decision - should she go ahead, even though there could be a risk of losing the baby?

They told me I had cancer - then they said I was pregnant

"I knew it didn't belong to me." When Maj Zachariah Fike was given an antique Purple Heart medal as a gift, it set him off on a quest to find the soldier who had earned it. It led him to the family of Pvt Corrado Piccoli, who was killed in World War Two. Having seen the joy the return of the medal brought the Piccoli family, he decided to do it again. Now Fike spends his spare time reuniting families with lost war medals and remembering soldiers' stories. "We're preserving history," he says.

The medal detective

"I did a runner from my own son," says Kim. "I packed up the house in four hours and didn't tell him I was moving until the removal men were at the door." Kim's son Kane has been addicted to gambling since he was 17. She says she couldn't cope anymore, so she left. Now, nine months later she is about to see him for the first time.

VIDEO: The mother who fled from her addicted son

"I was not a strong child, but I was in love with music from the beginning," says Zuzana Ruzickova. The harpsichordist, who is about to turn 90, credits music with helping her survive Auschwitz. She lost her grandparents and father at Terezin labour camp during World War Two and only just escaped the gas chambers herself. When the war ended, her hands were damaged by hard labour and she was advised to abandon any idea of a musical career. But, she says: "I couldn't live without music".

The 'miraculous' life of Zuzana Ruzickova

Has adolescence ever been harder for girls, as they enter a world where appearance rivals achievement, and judgement is only a social media comment away? We met and photographed a group of young women from Merseyside who are navigating this tricky moment in their lives.

Growing up young

It's the return of our Christmas quiz, and a chance to test your memory of the year's events.

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