10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Urinating men are eroding the world's tallest church.

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2. Donald Trump's campaign has spent more money on hats than it has on polling.

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3. The standard rate for video game voice actors is $825.50 (£647.74) for a four-hour recording session.

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4. Palmerston, the Foreign Office cat, has been caught trespassing three times.

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5. A computer judge can predict court verdicts with 79% accuracy.

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6. The more you lie, the more your brain becomes desensitised to lying.

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7. Internet fonts are getting thinner and harder to read.

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8. Heading a football can reduce your memory for 24 hours.

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9. Lindsay Lohan hasn't (yet) followed through on her offer to switch on Kettering's Christmas lights.

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10. There was at least one parrot in prehistoric Siberia.

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