10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Shanghai's Ikea frowns upon elderly daters clogging up its cafeteria.

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2. It's possible to run a marathon in three hours 56 minutes at the age of 85.

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3. You can't return or rescind a Nobel prize.

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4. India has Uber, but for tractors.

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5. School textbooks in Turkey must not contain geometry puzzles featuring the letters F and G - the initials of the out-of-favour cleric Fethullah Gulen.

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6. Half of American adults are in a facial recognition database.

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7. Aggressive drivers think driverless cars will be easier to bully.

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8. An Exeter City supporter has bet £10 on his club to win 4-1 in every game they have played since April 2008, and believes he is around £600 up.

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9. Buying an unfinished nuclear power plant in Alabama would cost you at least $36.4m (£29.6m).

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10. Rainbows can also occur at night.

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