10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Cod have regional accents.

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2. At one US hospital, you get charged $39.35 (£31.63) to hold your baby after delivery.

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3. An "immoral" hug can get you banned from the acting profession in Nigeria.

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4. Men are more violent when there are more women around.

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5. Replacing the artificial colouring in blue M&Ms would require twice the current global supply of the natural alternative.

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6. Male squirrels are lazy and females do all the work.

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7. Silicon Valley start-up guru Sam Altman stores guns, gold and gas masks to prepare for surviving a major attack.

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8. About 1.7% of the UK population identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual.

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9. Dinner with Donald Trump takes 45 minutes (and he does all the talking).

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10. You can run over a golf ball with a steamroller and still not damage it.

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