10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Ducklings are capable of abstract thought.

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2. Legendary German film director Werner Herzog loves watching cat videos.

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3. Theresa May's cabinet contains more state-educated ministers than any government since Clement Attlee's in 1945.

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4. The new chancellor of the Exchequer was a teenage goth "and looked like Johnny Depp".

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5. It would take 300 years to catalogue all the tree species in the Amazon rainforest.

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6. Every English elm is descended from a single tree imported by the Romans.

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7. There are only two newspaper journalists still working on Fleet Street itself.

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8. Zayn Malik left One Direction after an alien appeared to him in a dream.

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9. The "Arsenal" letters outside the club's stadium are an anti-attack measure.

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10. Dinosaurs didn't roar - in fact, they probably cooed

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