10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Stanley Kubrick wanted to film his own version of Pinocchio.

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2. English regional words for a small piece of wood under the skin such as "spool", "spile", "speel", "spell", "shiver", "spill" and "splint" are falling out of use in favour of "splinter".

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3. Naturalist Chris Packham recommends that you eat tadpoles.

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4. Diners spend an average of £2 a head more in restaurants that play Ravel or Tchaikovsky rather than Kajagoogoo or Cher.

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5. Nearly two thirds of shoppers who bought women's clothes in the last six months sent at least one item back.

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6. You can't change your name to "Count" or "Baron" in Germany.

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7. Male sparrows retaliate when females are unfaithful by providing less food.

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8. Despite his miserly reputation, Henry VII spend £3 million in today's money on clothes in two years.

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9. Dogs may have evolved separately in Asia and Europe.

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10. A dagger entombed alongside Tutankhamun was made with iron from a meteorite.

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