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10 things we didn't know last week

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1. The average iPhone user unlocks their mobile 80 times a day.

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2. Messages in bottles were used to study ocean currents 100 years ago.

3. The average woman throws away 300lbs (136kg) of sanitary products in her lifetime.

4. Half your brain stays alert when you sleep in new surroundings.

5. London Underground journeys take more than four times longer for disabled people.

6. The average age of sexual maturity decreased from 18 in 1880 to 12.5 in 1980.

7. There used to be just one legal skate park in the whole of Norway.

8. Eating beef was thought to stir up courage in Shakespeare's time. But it was also thought to make people stupid.

9. There has been a record surge in applications to join the French police.

10. A stalker typically contacts 21 people known to the victim.

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