10 things we didn't know last week

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1. You can get a UK driving licence if your name is Buzz Lightyear.

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2. US presidential contender Ted Cruz bought 100 tins of Campbell's Chunky soup immediately after his honeymoon.

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3. The North Pole has been moving towards London since the year 2000.

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4. Nearly half of people who bought vinyl last month have yet to play it.

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5. Parents are worse at telling if their child is lying than complete strangers.

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6. It costs 13m roubles (£140,000) a year to keep Vladimir Lenin's body embalmed.

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7. Octopuses are surprisingly good escape artists.

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8. Sniffer dogs detected no illegal drugs at Manchester Airport during one seven-month period, but one often found "small amounts of cheese or sausages".

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9. Of the Guardian's 10 most abused online writers eight are women, and the two men are black.

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10. House of Commons clerks are unfamiliar with Scots usage of the word "mince".

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