10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Iggy Pop has a white cockatoo called Biggy Pop.

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2. Superhero movies currently perform better at the box office if they aren't just about superheroes.

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3. Sir Walter Scott wrote bad reviews of his own novels to boost sales.

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4. An ancient sea creature would drag its offspring around on strings like kites.

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4. Tyrion is mathematically the most important character in Game of Thrones.

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6. More people were executed in 2015 than in any of the previous 25 years.

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7. A member of the Manson family apparently hand-edited a print-out of his Wikipedia page from prison.

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8. You can be given lines to write out for motoring offences in Vietnam.

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9. There is one female shop owner on Savile Row.

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10. Chumbawumba's song Tubthumping was written about a drunken Irish neighbour who would fall down and get up again outside the band's house.

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