10 things we didn't know last week

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1. You're not allowed to scream on some rollercoasters.

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2. A jar of London air will set you back £19.99.

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3. US President Barack Obama recommends you open a DJ set with Rock Steady by Aretha Franklin.

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4. Grammar pedants are more likely to be introverts.

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5. The U-rated film Watership Down would be listed as a PG today.

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6. The Central Line is the worst on the London Underground for crime.

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7. Humans may have once lived alongside Siberian unicorns.

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8. Cats have a role in law enforcement.

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9. A woman in Michigan exchanged her Dr Pepper Twitter username for 41,000 bottles of water.

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10. An army of large cyborg beetles could replace drones.

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