10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Shakespeare's skull may have been looted.

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2. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani appears to support the rights of goldfish.

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3. The "best public toilet in the South Pacific" is a tourist attraction in Vanuatu.

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4. JK Rowling was advised to take a writing course when she sent a manuscript to publishers under a false name.

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5. Human noses are less effective at air conditioning the body than the noses of chimpanzees and macaques.

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6. Shoe box-shaped concert halls make audiences feel more emotional.

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7. Hamlet was performed on a ship off the coast of what is now Sierra Leone five years after its London debut.

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8. Nobody noticed when Kraft changed its macaroni and cheese recipe.

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9. Female burying beetles zap their male partners with an anti-aphrodisiac to stop them wanting sex.

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10. In Dublin, you can pay for coffee with a poem on March 21.

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