10 things we didn't know last week

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1. People played with a fifth suit of cards in the 1930s.

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2. Silencers only quieten gunshots to the level of a pneumatic drill and are rarely used in murders.

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3. A new species of spider that eats toads and fish has been discovered - and named Brian.

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4. Four in five US army recruits have a close relative in uniform.

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5. Homeless residents lived in army tents after the Great Fire of London.

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6. The Northern Lights cause a headache for people drilling for oil in the Arctic.

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7. Children as young as 12 can get married in the US state of Virginia.

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8. The perfect time to break wind in front of a partner is between two and six months into the relationship.

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9. Your phone's wi-fi may be giving away where you walk.

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10. Perfect invisibility cloaks may actually be physically impossible.

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