Riba Stirling Prize 2015: University of Greenwich, Stockwell Street Building

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WATCH: University of Greenwich, Stockwell Street Building

A university building in Greenwich, London, is one of six UK buildings to be shortlisted for the 2015 Riba Stirling Prize for architecture. While a select line-up of judges will decide the winner, the BBC, in partnership with the Riba, is inviting you to vote for your favourite.

What is it and where?

A new addition to the existing Greenwich University complex, located within a Unesco World Heritage Site. The building was designed by Heneghan Peng Architects.

How much did it cost?


What was the vision?

To provide a modern, inspiring environment for students studying architecture and landscape, and those joining the new Department of Creative Professions and Digital Arts. The new building also houses the university library.

What have people said about it?

"The Greenwich building aims for a bit more oomph than some on the [Stirling] list, with robust concrete framed structure fronted with sculptural stone." Rowan Moore, The Guardian, July 2015

"Heneghan Peng gave this building a skilfully modulated form and facades, decreasing its sense of mass, and fitting it into its urban context." Jay Merrick, The Independent, July 2015

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Film by: John Galliver

Poster image: Hufton and Crow

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