Riba Stirling Prize 2015: The Whitworth, University of Manchester

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Media captionWATCH: The Whitworth Gallery, Manchester

An extension to an Edwardian building housing Manchester's Whitworth Gallery is one of six UK buildings to be shortlisted for the 2015 Riba Stirling Prize for architecture. While a select line-up of judges will decide the winner, the BBC, in partnership with the Riba, is inviting you to vote for your favourite.

What is it and where?

The new addition to the Whitworth gallery in Manchester comprises two wings made of glass, red brick and stainless steel. It was designed by Muma Architects.

How much did it cost?

£15m (Reported)

What was the vision?

The vision for the building was to "make [the] gallery relevant for everybody that lives in Manchester", says director Maria Balshaw. The new glass frontage was designed to open up the uncompromising brick facade of the existing 1908 building.

What have people said about it?

"It is all wrought with precision worthy of the Victorian philanthropist and gallery founder Joseph Whitworth himself." Oliver Wainwright, The Guardian, February 2015

"An outstanding addition, self-effacing and deferring to the aesthetics and materials of the Edwardian museum." Edwin Heathcote, Financial Times, July 2015

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