Who was the world's first trainspotter?

Was this image drawn by the first member of an exclusive and much misunderstood club? Back in September 1825, Jonathan Backhouse watched the inaugural journey of the Stockton to Darlington railway.

The resulting letter he wrote to his sisters was filled with such enthusiasm, that it could be said to be the earliest documented evidence of trainspotting.

The letter is on show, along with dozens of other photos, in a new trainspotting season at the National Railway Museum, York. Take a look with exhibitions manager Amy Banks.

Trainspotting can be seen at the National Railway Museum York until 1 March 2015.

All images subject to copyright. Images courtesy National Railway Museum, York. Additional 1825 artwork from Getty Images.

Music by KPM Music, The Kinks, New Muzik, Gallagher and Lyle. Photofilm production by Paul Kerley.


Trainspotting - National Railway Museum, York

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