Sky at Night: The sounds of the universe

While sound can't travel directly through the vacuum of space, there is noise in the universe. From a distant star collapsing in on itself, to an aurora on another planet in our Solar System.

Here, ahead of a Sounds of the Universe special from The Sky at Night, Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock takes an audio tour of the cosmos.

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The Sky At Night: Sounds of the Universe is on Sunday 9 March at 10pm on BBC Four. It will be available afterwards on BBC iPlayer.

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Audio credits:

(1) Sound of the Sun - wide-band-pass-filter, Birmingham Solar Oscillations Network

(2) Jupiter's Chorus - Nasa/Donald Gurnett, University of Iowa

(3) Voyager leaving the heliosphere - Tim O'Brien/Nasa

(4) Pulsar - Tim O'Brien/Patrick Weltevrede/Cees Bassa/Sam Bates.

Slideshow production by Victoria Weaver, Rob Liddell and Paul Kerley. Publication date 8 March 2014.

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