The world's longest aircraft in the making


The longest aircraft in the world has been unveiled at an airfield in Cardington, England, from where the great airships of the 1920s flew.

Originally developed for the US military, the 300ft (91m) helium-filled hybrid Airlander project was scrapped owing to budget cuts.

Now the giant aircraft is being brought back to life by a British company which plans to build hundreds of the environmentally friendly craft for passengers and cargo.

The current aircraft can carry a load of 1225kg for up to 21 days, but on shorter flights could take up to 5 tonnes. Aircraft still on the drawing board may be able to carry 50 tonnes or more.

BBC News visited the headquarters of Hybrid Air Vehicles in a massive hangar at Cardington to see the inflatable leviathan being put together.

Video Journalist: Dean Arnett

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